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Ma vie n’est toujours pas un roman

Oh, non. Mais ça n’empêche pas la famille de rester… ahem, la famille. Mais ce serait trop long à expliquer, même s’il n’y avait pas ce truc de la confidentialité. Sur ce, je vous laisse avec le chat-coptère. Vous, je ne sais pas, mais parfois j’ai bien besoin de lolz.

LOLcat/Catcopter: "So u think yer life sux?"

Original ici. Gloups.

Feline fruits

Beware of acacia trees in Africa: they may contain lions… (Gorgeous pic from National Geographic, gleefully blogged by – of course – P. Z. Myers.)

Lions, Kenya (photo: Mrs Wai Chun Turnbull)

Lions, Kenya (photo: Mrs Wai Chun Turnbull)

Of course, being the geek I am, I can’t help thinking of this photo too…

in canada cats grow on trees
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You know what this also reminds me of? Science-fiction. Remember the bio-engineered « kitten tree » in Lois McMaster Bujold’s Cetaganda? Some find it creepy, others just… Perfect. Horribly and adorably perfect.

Go figure. – well, that was only inevitable…

‘Cause, y’know, the average cat doesn’t care about the Internet at all. But will the Internets care ’bout them?

Cats, warmth and computers

Nuff’ said.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Video: DJ Cat rocks!

Brave, brave humans, to let a feline artist play DJ on their sound system…


No soccer, plz. We r lolcats.

No, u cant play   soccer wid dese balls

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World cup? What world cup? I’d rather watch cat ball!

The Internet Is For Cats

And for anime fans too. Srsly. Behold: a rare, real-life instance of the famed Neko-koneko!

funny animal photos - I Got a Tattoo of Myself, Only Thinner
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But, « Ghost cat »? I think not. (Tip of the kitty-eared hat: Jerry Coyne.)


The feline art of debate

There is a Lolcat for every situation in life. Don’t believe me?

Text: "Tact is for creatures not clever enough to be sarcastic."
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One encounters a lot of critters on the Internet. But a snarky domestic feline is definitely a favorite.

That’s me, starting a new story

How can this Internet funny cat know so perfectly how it feels?

funny pictures of cats with captions
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Mmmh. Uncanny, indeed.