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‘Cause, y’know, the average cat doesn’t care about the Internet at all. But will the Internets care ’bout them?

The cat who liked to be vacuum-cleaned

No pet was harmed to make this video. To the exact contrary, indeed!

From the files of cuteology central, a.k.a. Cute Overload, as well as the funny guys at ICHC.

A cat, a box… Mayhem ensues.

Is it Maru? No, this time it’s the new installment of Simon’s Cat, the animated series by Simon Tofield:

This time, Simon tries to do some packing. And the cat, of course, intends to help…

Video: DJ Cat rocks!

Brave, brave humans, to let a feline artist play DJ on their sound system…


Desk Cat Demands A Sacrifice!

Behold, the Cat That Lives Under The Desk hath spoken: thou shalt offer It all your pens, and this will be a sign of Covenant between Cat and puny humanity!

Be glad it’s only office furniture, mortal, and not your first-born child…