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Fun with Facebook

Just follow @lamebook and share in the hilarity:

I guess a screencap is worth a thousand words… And, yeah, remember that whatever you do, never, ever “friend” your parents on social networks! It’s safer that way.

Cats, warmth and computers

Nuff’ said.

funny pictures of cats with captions
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A cat, a box… Mayhem ensues.

Is it Maru? No, this time it’s the new installment of Simon’s Cat, the animated series by Simon Tofield:

This time, Simon tries to do some packing. And the cat, of course, intends to help…

The Internet Is For Cats

And for anime fans too. Srsly. Behold: a rare, real-life instance of the famed Neko-koneko!

funny animal photos - I Got a Tattoo of Myself, Only Thinner
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But, « Ghost cat »? I think not. (Tip of the kitty-eared hat: Jerry Coyne.)


If Cthulhu woke up today…

Would we be scared? Or would we try to exploit this huge marine resource? Hmm. Let’s check the Unspeakable Vault (of Doom) again:

Lovecraftian horror ahoy! (cartoon by François Launet / Goomi Studio)

Maybe the tentacles would end up in restaurants like vulgar squid and octopi. And don’t think the slime would be an deterrent! Ask the hagfish if theirs is not sought out by various industries

How to make your own conspiracy theory

From (where else?)! Click to enlarge and read the story about the amazing power of Pyramids… Well, according to some conspiracy theory, that is.

Hat tip to Skepchick Amanda.

Simon’s Cat : nouvelle vidéo

Bonne nouvelle pour les fans de Simon Tofield et de son fameux Simon’s Cat : il y a une nouvelle vidéo, « Snow Business », qui dépeint la découverte de la neige par le susdit chat…

(Source : Jerry Coyne, pour son « Félin du samedi ».)