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The feminist paradox

« For most of human history, women have been reduced to their uteruses, vaginas, and breasts. The natural childbirth theorists, as well as many lactivists and attachment parenting advocates, continue to reduce women to uteruses, vaginas, and breasts, insisting that how they use those body parts determines their worth as human beings. Ironically, parenting advocates often invoke the language of “choice” to promote natural childbirth, and lactivism, assuming that if a woman has the power of choice, it is automatically a feminist gesture. But natural parenting advocates in fact do not promote choice; they promote their specific choices and try to shame those women who choose differently. In other words, these movements are judgmental and anti-woman. »

Dr. Amy Tuteur, Push Back.


Confused cat is just confused enough.

Carl Hiaasen, bad writing, and the abduction of female characters

Grr! This annoyed me so much that I nearly got myself a LiveJournal account just so I could vent over at Canon Rants! And it’s all the fault of novelist Carl Hiaasen – or perhaps of Cory Doctorow, whose book review in Boing Boing enticed me to go read Star Island, Hiaasen’s most recent comic/absurdist Floridian crime caper.

The fact that I had previously liked a few of these books (especially the brilliant Basket Case) didn’t hurt, I have to admit. But this time, something threw me right out of the book.

Let me explain. But first, beware that spoilers lie ahead. If it bothers you, please don’t click on!

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