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Bill Clinton is not «vegan», sorry.

And not a «plant-eater», either. Not by any valid definition. He eats some fish, so he’s not even a simple vegetarian. And he takes a «protein powder» in his morning almond milk, how’s that for a «natural», «whole foods» diet? Sure, he switched to a diet low in animal products, starch and refined sugars after his quadruple bypass, because he needed to lose weight and keep his cholesterol down, but that’s what the doctors ask of all their bypass patients. The «whole food, beans and fruits» thing is his own personal (shall we say, ex-hippy?) slant.

Anti-animal foods and anti-modernity militants (yeah, I’m snarky – I did some basic biology, thank you) may feel cheated, but they should rather blame some bloggers’ lazy word usage

(By the way, if you feel confused about what is and is not healthy after reading the whole transcript of Bill Clinton’s CNN interview, or reading Boing Boing′s comments, here’s a useful link to Skeptoid′s Nutrition 101 episode. Milk vs. soy, animal vs. vegetable, organic vs. conventional (how come it’s the pro-organic folks who give the labels?), raw food, refined sugars, and on, and on… All the debates sound very complex, but the building blocks of food, by themselves, are not.)