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Carl Hiaasen, bad writing, and the abduction of female characters

Grr! This annoyed me so much that I nearly got myself a LiveJournal account just so I could vent over at Canon Rants! And it’s all the fault of novelist Carl Hiaasen – or perhaps of Cory Doctorow, whose book review in Boing Boing enticed me to go read Star Island, Hiaasen’s most recent comic/absurdist Floridian crime caper.

The fact that I had previously liked a few of these books (especially the brilliant Basket Case) didn’t hurt, I have to admit. But this time, something threw me right out of the book.

Let me explain. But first, beware that spoilers lie ahead. If it bothers you, please don’t click on!

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En passant

This is epic. I mean The Mongoliad, the new brain child of Neal Stephenson and Greg Bear. An online epic fantasy novel by installments with reader participation? You know what this means. Some writers fight fanficcers, others find ways to … Lire la suite

Reading: Children of the Night, by Mercedes Lackey

Mercedes Lackey, Children of the Night: A Diana Tregarde Investigation, Tor Books (paperback), 2005.

This novel could be classified as urban fantasy, or dark fantasy, or paranormal romance, if you wish. However, it was first published in 1990, well before the explosion of these (sub-)genres.

On the menu tonight: love, magick, drugs and rock’n’roll…

I like Mercedes Lackey‘s easy blend of horror, humour, adventure and whatever-it-takes-to-make-the-story-go-ahead. I like her heroine, Diana Tregarde, a modern witch who writes romance novels to make a living (because being a psychic investigator doesn’t pay). And the bad guys of the story, the « psychic vampires », are genuinely scaaaary! There’s also a real (bloodsucking) vampire who’s a true gentleman and a perfect lover – no wonder. This one takes more after Chelsea Quinn Yarbro’s Saint-Germain than classic old Count Dracula, or even Anne Rice’s oh-so-byronic Lestat.

Light fare, but highly enjoyable.