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Proof you can apply Tolkien geekery to almost anything

Even word processing, apparently. Behold the “Text editors in the LOTR”! (Via Making Light.) MS Word, TextMate, emacs…

The Dark Tower, Barad-dûr, in the land of Mordor (art by Alan Lee)

For instance, emacs is Fangorn:

Vast, ancient, gnarled and mostly impenetrable, tended by a small band of ancient shepherds old as the world itself, under the command of their leader, Neckbeard. They possess unbelievable strength, are infuriatingly slow, and their land is entirely devoid of women. It takes forever to say anything in their strange, rumbling language.

Oh, and before vi fans start smirking, be aware that in this universe, vi is the Moria!

: xwhat

The Wizard translates: “We cannot get out! We cannot get out! They are coming!”

(But where’s OpenOffice/Libre Office, MS Word’s competitor, eh? Is that Saruman’s Orthanc, the Barad-dûr wanabee? Hmm. Not going to say anything about this one…)