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I shall call this the Argument From Cars!

Just a little bit of Twitter silliness about nonsensical questions:

Screen capture from Twitter (click to go to the original tweets)

Pure logic. I swear. (And if you don’t already follow @Rev_Xavier and @aratina, well, you should.)

And it even has a nice ring in latin: the Argumentum ad Autocinenetis! 😉

Asking the «Why» questions

As Coffee and Sci(ence) suggests, let’s ask that question to the agnostics… (And to all those who are impressed by some version of the anthropic principle as well.)

Click on the pic for more SMBC goodness.

I remember I was about 7 years old when I realized that if I had been born to other parents, in another country or time period, I wouldn’t know I wasn’t «me» and wouldn’t have been able to compare with that other life. Because – well, obviously, I wouldn’t have been the same person, with the same experience.

Where’s that line about «becoming like little children» from, again? Be careful, kids ask the damnedest things!