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Zombies and poetry: Margaret Atwood free to read, on Wattpad

« Poetry is the past that breaks out in our hearts ». (Rilke)

Oh, yes, zombies. They’re mindless, shambling; they’re coming for your brains… And then things will never be the same.

Image: cover of Thriller Suite, poems by Margaret Atwood, published on Wattpad

It’s also a powerful metaphor. Trust Margaret Atwood to explore it! And not only in The Happy Zombie Sunrise Home, the horror fiction series she’s writing for Wattpad in collaboration with Naomi Alderman, and which was announced Wednesday worldwide.

There’s also Thriller Suite, a collection of poems by Atwood, also published on Wattpad, in which my favourite is this one:

There you have it: zombies.
Didn’t you always suspect?
« Poetry is the past
that breaks out in our hearts »
like a virus, like an infection.
How many poems occur about
the dead one who isn’t dead,
the lost one who semi-persists…

« Zombie Poetry Zombie », by Margaret Atwood. Free to read on Wattpad, both the website and the app. Click, enjoy and… shiver.

(Hat tip: @bibliomancienne, ActuaLitté.)

The One Tweet movie review: Prometheus

Short and pithy: both a summary and a critique, by Martin Sutherland (@sunpig) on Twitter:

Via Abi on Making Light. (With discussion, links and rants in the comment thread. Spoilers included, of course!)

Photo montage: Ridley Scott and the head of the Alien

Oh, and what is this « Chekov’s gun » he’s referring to, you say? Why, it’s a narrative technique so well known in the biz that not only is it rarely explained any more, but it’s spawned several tropes of its own…

Pioneer One, episode 2

More news of the « Man from Mars »! Pioneer One, the award-winning, crowd-funded, BitTorrent-distributed, indie sci-fi TV series is back! To download the long expected second episode, just go to or and choose size of video.

Official preview of episodes 2 and subsequent on Vimeo.

Downloading and sharing is legal under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA licence (Attribution, Non Commercial, Share Alike) and the producers welcome the contributions from the public. Indeed, the voluntary contributions after the successful release of the pilot enabled the producers to film the episodes 2 and 3.

Now, let’s help them to finish the season 1 with two more…

Fiery inferno, straight from sci-fi

Patrick Hayden Nielsen (Making Light) is right: the pictures of the burning Deepwater Horizon oil rig the Gulf of Mexico look straight out of a science-fiction film or art-book. Uncanny.

Harrowing photo gallery at TPM.

Insert comparison to dystopian imaginary future of your choice. I can’t help thinking about that one, myself… Vulcan’s Forge, anyone? OK, it’s not really dystopian, of course. Still stunning.

(N.B. And thanks to fellow Leloup fan Mjolnir!)