Want an ebook for Halloween? Closed Circle is where it’s at!

And just so you know, I’m talking indie editions of major sci-fi/horror writers here: three authors, C. J. Cherryh, Jane Fancher and Lynn Abbey, have joined forces to re-issue some of their classic but out-of-print titles as e-books under the Closed Circle banner – with revised texts, new cover art, and (need it to be said?) no DRM whatsoever! All that for very reasonable prices, and secure payments through Paypal. A fan’s dream come true.

Three authors on the web

Several titles have already been published, including Cherryh’s Faery Moon (a dark, Celtic flavored fantasy novel) and the classic SF titles Heavy Time and Hellburner. (Yes, I’m a huge Cherryh fan, how did you guess?)

And then, there’s Lynn Abbey‘s fantasy novels and short stories, and Jane Fancher’s Ringdancers series, and the freebies (short fiction, flyers, etc.) and the bazaar, a.k.a. the Cafepress annexe, and…

And, oh yes, the authors/editors/webmistresses have managed to re-issue two particularly delicious titles just in time for Halloween: the (long out of print, shame on the publishers) Russian-themed fantasy/ghost story Rusalka, by C. J. Cherryh, and Jane Fancher’s Blood Red Moon, this one being (you guessed it) a vampire story. A modern, urban one. With a cat.

Need I say more?


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