Archives quotidiennes : 29 août 2010

Bad Universe? Bad TV channel!

OK, so, Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy is going to have his very own TV show, about our big Bad Universe, premiere tonight, Sunday, August 29, on Discovery Channel. First episode (of 3): what would happen if we a bad meteor day? Would we end up like the dinosaurs? Tune in Sunday to find out.

Phil Plait's Bad Universe logo

Oh, but wait! It’s on American TV! And no option on the official website for (at least) an online pay-per-view. What do we poor Plait fans who live in other countries do? Wait for the DVD? Lobby our local channels and hope for the best?

Erm… Rely on The Pirate Bay?

I’m not saying that’s what you should do, right. But when a TV show about our universe is aired as if we were not living on a small interconnected planet… Makes me want to grab the Internet with all it’s P2P, streaming, and direct download resources, and to Hades with the rest!