Archives quotidiennes : 2 août 2010

When the world discovers a not so democratic France

Many thanks to Donatien, in Prague, and his Twitter review of what the international media say about the latest news from Sarkozy’s France:

  • In Canada, a news website links the «struggling» of the French government in opinion polls with their increasingly hardened stance on strangers. No surprise, here…
  • In the USA, another news site doesn’t mince words: «Is Sarkozy Turning France Into A Police State?» Ouch.
  • Another tack is taken by UK’s The Guardian website, concerned about what France’s targeting of its Roma minority means for human rights in Europe at large. It’s not good news, indeed. (Edit: Add to it Nabila Ramdani’s latest article on how racism today in France comes from the top… She’s a French-born journalist, and knows her stuff.)
  • In Bulgaria, a country which recently joined the European Union and had to give proof of their progress on human rights, the deputy foreign minister warns France that his government won’t stand for the expulsion of Roma to Bulgaria. Ouch again.
  • Oh, and even a Chinese international news website takes notice! Now, that’s kinda embarrassing, don’t you think?

Ah, well. I’m French, born and raised – though, as many citizens here, my forebears are a mix of all kinds of European and Asian people who immigrated to this country – and I’m angry and disgusted by what this crew is doing. I didn’t vote for Sarkozy in 2007, and I hope that in 2012 he and his party will be thrown out so hard that they’ll bounce!