I’m in your galaxies, spewing black holes

Don’t panic! Galaxies around us may be routinely hurling out super massive stars and even black holes into the unsuspecting surrounding space, but hey, what can we do about it? Ab-so-lute-ly nothing, that’s what. So, why not just take a seat and enjoy the pictures?

« Cannonball » star ejected from the 30 Doradus cluster (or Tarantula Nebula), a noted nursery of stars. Image credits: Hubble Space Telescope (NASA/ESA) and ESO’s 2.2 meter telescope in Chile.

In black, the center of the galaxy, where normally lies a massive black hole. In red, what may be the ejection of said black hole, « hurled out » by the collision between two galaxies if the theory of Marianne Heida, of the University of Utrecht, is verified. (Image: Chandra Space X-Ray Observatory.)


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